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Top 10 Things to Consider When Working with a Yoga Mat Factory

Top 10 Things to Consider when Working with a Yoga Mat Factory

When we choose to cooperate with a yoga mat factory, we should consider the price. These questions can help you reduce unnecessary trouble.


1. Is it a factory or a trader

When you find a yoga mat supplier on Alibaba or Google search engine, you need to determine one thing. Is this supplier a factory or a trader? Generally speaking, yoga mat traders do not have the ability to customize products, and the prices given by the traders are higher than those of the factory. Choosing a trader to provide you with yoga mats will increase your purchasing costs.


2. Relevant documents and certificates

As far as commercial documents are concerned, performing the necessary checks is a matter of requesting specific documents from the supplier. Some factories may give you forged documents, so you must be cautious and verify their authenticity.

  • Business license
  • Proof of Bank Account
  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • Customs registration certificate


3. The quality of the yoga mat

If you always choose the cheapest option, it usually results in low-quality products, so I don't recommend this. When the price of the products provided by the factory you choose is much lower than that of the same industry, you need to be vigilant. Do they produce yoga mats for you according to the same quality. What measures you can take to standardize the process is to hire a trusted local agent so that they (or you) can personally check the quality.


4. Lowest MOQ and price

When you provide a target price, you may put yourself in a disadvantaged position because your competitors may have negotiated a lower price. Put the ball in the supplier’s court and ask them to share the best pricing for different quantity levels (e.g. 1,000, 3,000, and 10,000 pieces).


5. How long does it take for your product to reach the manufacturer

This may vary depending on the quantity and complexity of the product. This is a critical issue because you don’t want to wait too long before receiving the finished product.


6. What are their payment terms

If you meet the conditions, some manufacturers will provide credit terms. There is a high probability that you will not meet the conditions, so the payment period may be 15, 30, or 60 days and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

This means that for up to a specific payment amount, you need to pay for the goods you ordered, and you don’t need to pay later.


7. Under what circumstances will my price change

You should discuss with each yoga mat factory the potential market changes that may cause your price to rise or fall. This may depend on the material you use, so please ask as many questions as possible to understand the commodity market for your product. This way you can take volatility into account.


8. Personalized customization capabilities

Fashionable yoga mat products can boost sales. The development and design of products is not only a matter for the manufacturer. And to understand whether they have the ability to design trendy yoga mats. Therefore, the design ability of the yoga mat factory needs to be understood.


9. What are the quality assurance

This is a very important step in the manufacturing process. How do they ensure that your yoga mat products are manufactured to specifications? The more quality assurance steps they take, the lower the risk of defective products and components.


10. Delivery time

Once a high-quality supply is obtained, the next consideration is to manage their transportation. Always communicate with the factory to understand the supplier’s recent orders and production status. If the supplier’s delivery is low on time, it will definitely affect the manufacturer’s production plan and the seller’s sales plan and timeliness. In this way, it will cause a lot of waste and the disintegration of the supply chain. Therefore, punctual delivery is also a more important factor. Communicate the time of each work in a timely manner.

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