R&D Capacity

Our New Patent 01: Super TPE Yoga Mat
Welcome to the world of  Super TPE
The TPE content of Super TPE yoga mats is above 95%, 
 while the TPE content of ordinary TPE yoga mats on the  market is less than 25%.
The higher the TPE content, the better the elasticity,  
but it also means the greater the processing difficulty  (slicing and pressing patterns), 
so the overall cost is  higher, and the quality is much higher than ordinary  TPE yoga mat.
Our SUPER TPE yoga mat is different from ordinary TPE  yoga mat. 
We have added an exclusive environmentally  friendly formula to make it very soft and extremely  elastic,
 believe that after you receive the Super TPE  yoga mat, you will feel its special.
R&D Capacity
R&D Capacity
R&D Capacity
Our New Patent 02: UER Yoga Mats and Its 3D Foaming Technology
Our company has been deeply involved in the yoga supplies industry for decades, and has always wanted to produce a yoga mat with
 a quality of natural latex yoga mat and a moderate price.
Finally at the end of 2018, our company successfully developed a new UER material yoga mat, which contains rubber and PVC raw 
materials. Through the improved formula, the quality reaches the height of high-end natural latex mats, but the cost is greatly 
reduced, and the cost is only one-third of that of natural latex mats, and slightly higher than that of PVC yoga mats.
Our company’s UER new material yoga mat competitor refers to the natural rubber yoga mats on the market. 
The price of natural rubber mats is subject to expensive raw materials and complicated production processes, 
so the price remains high. Some of the materials on the market that are known as rubber yoga mats are also recycled from waste
 tires. Although the price is relatively low compared to natural latex mats, harmful substances such as formamide exceed the 
standard and cannot be exported to EU and other countries.
R&D Capacity
For UER yoga mats, we have developed a special printing process --- 3D foaming technology.
R&D Capacity
Schematic diagram of the production process
R&D Capacity

We launch new products at regular intervals, so please stay tuned.

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