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Travel Yoga Mat: Bulk Buying Guide


travel yoga matYoga is generally considered as a sport that is close to nature, and there is nothing closer to nature than in an outdoor natural environment. Many people have the habit of maintaining yoga when they are out. A suitable travel yoga mat is very important when going out to a natural environment or doing yoga exercises during travel.

Do you need a travel yoga mat?

There are a lot of yoga mats and yoga accessories on the market today. You need a travel yoga mat that you can bring out. But what kind of yoga mat is suitable for travel? What kind of travel yoga mat can hold the key to yoga lovers who want to go out for yoga? What kind of travel yoga mat can bring you greater cost-effectiveness? This article introduces you everything you want to know.

Features required for travel yoga mats

Here are the 7 most important features you should keep in mind when buying a mat

Bottom line: No matter what type of travel yoga mat, it must fit in the suitcase and be large enough for you to use it.

  1. Weight

    travel yoga mat

    Travel yoga mats need to be light enough so that they can be carried almost anywhere. No one wants to go out with a heavy roll of yoga mat, and most suitcases don’t have enough space. Most travel mats weigh only a few pounds, making it easy for yoga lovers without too much additional burden.

  2. Portability and Foldability

    Travel yoga mats must be suitable for carrying or foldable. It is necessary to roll up or fold the full-size yoga mat into a backpack or suitcase when going out. Some travel yoga mats have handles that can be easily carried on your hands when you go out.

  3. Comfort and Thickness

    The outdoor environment is complex. Compared to indoors, outdoor venues are often uneven. At this time, the yoga mat should have enough cushioning to bring enough comfort. The comfort and thickness of the yoga mat are hooked. A yoga mat is too thin and your knees and elbows will bump along the floor. If it is too thick, it will appear heavy and not portable. Only one inch thicker than other parts will increase comfort, but will also add extra unnecessary bulk when folded or rolled.

    Traditional yoga mats can be rolled up, but this still takes up a lot of space. Choosing a foldable cushion will save you a lot of space and can be easily folded into the bottom of your suitcase or even your handbag.

  4. Grip and Stickiness

    The grip or stickiness provided by a travel yoga mat is very important. On the one hand, it is an important prerequisite for you to successfully complete the exercise; on the other hand, enough stickiness and anti-slip can prevent you from slipping your hands. Therefore your mat needs to be sticky to prevent you from sliding all over the place. Choosing the right texture can better prevent slippage. It can also help you maintain alignment when transitioning between postures and help you maintain your posture for longer.

  5. Material

    Because of the complicated environment when going out, under normal circumstances, travel yoga mats are convenient to take care of, and they can be easily cleaned after practice. Most modern travel yoga mats consist of a rubber bottom layer and an ultra-thin microfiber top layer. These materials usually become more grippy due to sweat to prevent you from slipping and fall, and are usually moisture-wicking and environmentally friendly.

  6. Durability

    The design of the travel yoga mat is thin and can be packaged, but because of this, the yoga mat is more likely to wear or tear during travel. Therefore, when choosing a travel yoga mat, you should choose a yoga mat manufacturer with a good craftsmanship to ensure that the mat has a reliable quality and can be used for a long time without changing it every few months.

  7. Sustainability and environmental protection

    Yoga is close to nature, and the replacement of travel wear is faster than normal yoga mats. Therefore, travel yoga mats should be made of environmentally friendly materials.

travel yoga towel

Tip: Sometimes it is very useful to carry a yoga towel.

Although it is easy to choose the most beautiful cushion, there are some necessary things to pay attention to when choosing a travel cushion, and you don't have to consider it when choosing a normal cushion.

Recommendations for buying travel yoga mats in bulk

  • Choose a regular manufacturer

    To buy yoga mats in bulk, you must choose a regular manufacturer. As the production conditions and standards of regular manufacturers are relatively strict, the product quality is relatively high. They have professional after-sales service. If in doubt, please consult.

  • Is there any after-sales service?

    Choosing a quality-guaranteed wholesale supplier of yoga mats is critical to the operation of the yoga business. Worry-free after-sales service is the advantage of some yoga brands. There is a professional and sincere after-sales customer service team to ensure that every customer can enjoy a good shopping experience.

  • Get a quote

    After finding a suitable yoga mat supplier, you can contact them for the most detailed information and quotation. Make sure to plan the questions you want to ask. And explain in detail what your needs are.


An excellent travel yoga mat can show the strength of this yoga mat manufacturer, and it can also make your business more profitable. Therefore, it is necessary to find a suitable travel yoga mat manufacturer.

Here, we recommend Yografit to you. Yografit has more than 10 years of experience in the production of yoga and fitness products. Provide customers with one-stop yoga and fitness product procurement services, aiming to maximize the integration of resources and sell products from its own factories. Innovation and providing customers with quality services are the foundation of our development. We hope to be your trusted partner.

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