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The Best Non-slip Yoga Mat Manufacturer
The Best Non-slip Yoga Mat Manufacturer
Yoga mat is an indispensable part of yoga. There are many types of yoga, and the suitable yoga mats are also different, but all yoga lovers do not want to slip while doing yoga. Therefore, slip resistance is an important issue for all yoga mat manufacturers. So today, this article will introduce the materials of non-slip yoga mats and the better manufacturers of non-slip yoga mats.

Why we need non-slip yoga mats

Sliding while doing yoga is very common, and nothing dramatic will happen. However, due to the yoga mat or sweating, it will often cause sliding or falling when doing yoga, which may hinder the confidence and motivation to do yoga. Sliding and falling are a real trouble for many people. If you are the operator of a yoga studio, your students will lose concentration, lose their postures, and students will lack confidence in their abilities or willingness to try new postures, which will affect your business. Not only that, the sliding of the yoga mat is also very dangerous. When the floor mat slips out of its original position, accidents sometimes occur, resulting in injuries.
Therefore, a high-quality non-slip yoga mat is very necessary, whether it is for individuals, yoga studios, or distributors.

Advantages of non-slip yoga mats

A high-quality non-slip yoga mat, in addition to the colors and patterns that suit your style, your yoga mat also needs to keep your posture stable. Among them, the material, thickness, reasonable texture, and viscosity will affect the degree of slip resistance and the feeling of yoga.
Having a high-quality non-slip yoga mat will make yoga enthusiasts less likely to slip or fall, and make them more confident in sports and more willing to try new poses. And can improve balance ability, pay more attention to posture and breathing, so that the possibility of injury is less.
Therefore, a high-quality yoga mat is a guarantee for a good yoga experience.

What material can be made of non-slip yoga mat

PVC yoga mat

PVC material

The PVC material used in the PVC yoga mat is the material used by 80% of the yoga mats on the market. PVC yoga mats are generally elastic and have good slip resistance. Because the material has poor water absorption under dry conditions and has good anti-slip properties, it has poor anti-slip properties for people who sweat a lot. Compared with the other two materials, the price is the cheapest.

TPE yoga mat


The main features of TPE yoga mats are good toughness, good elasticity, and good anti-slip effect regardless of wet or dry conditions. Generally, advanced yoga mats use this material. This material can be recycled and reused and will not cause environmental pollution after being discarded. It is an environmentally friendly material. Because the body and the mat are in contact for a long time in yoga, from the perspective of health and comfort, a non-toxic and tasteless environmentally friendly yoga mat is very important. Compared with PVC, it is lighter in weight and more expensive. Many yoga studios use this material to make yoga mats.
Natural rubber yoga mat

Natural rubber

The anti-slip and grip of the natural rubber yoga mat are very good, regardless of the dry and moisture-proof effect is very good. The service life is also relatively long. The environmental protection of the production process and the durability of the product for an average of ten years are also one of the reasons for the price difference between rubber materials and the previous two materials. The price of natural rubber yoga mats produced in my country is relatively low compared to foreign countries, but higher than the first two materials. Therefore, it is recommended to choose natural rubber yoga mats made by Chinese yoga mat manufacturers.

PU rubber yoga mat

PU rubber

PU rubber yoga mat has the characteristics of water absorption and breathability, strong skin affinity, resistance to dry and wet and non-slip, and excellent hand feeling, but it is expensive and troublesome to maintain.

Cotton linen

Cotton and linen yoga mats are gentle and non-irritating to the skin, and are the first choice for those who love traditional weaving crafts; easy to clean. But the grip effect is poor, so I won't introduce it.
We also provide yoga mats of other unique materials for customers to choose from. If you are interested, you can check our products or contact us, we will provide you with the most detailed information and help.

Recommendations for choosing non-slip yoga mat manufactueres

For many distributors, shops, and studios who want to buy non-slip yoga mats in bulk, it is recommended to choose the most competitive manufacturer to get the largest operating income. Yografit is a great choice for those who are engaged in the wholesale business. For 12 years, it has been the preferred supplier of environmentally friendly yoga mats in Europe, America and other countries.

Yografit can meet such requirements, and it will be an excellent choice when you consider choosing a Chinese yoga mat manufacturer. Here are 5 reasons why you chose Yografit:
More than 10 years of manufacturing and sales experience in the field of yoga
ODM service will design hundreds of safe and harmless yoga mat products for customers
Have a variety of yoga products, yoga balls, wheels, yoga blocks and other supporting products
In line with international certification, with various certificates, safe and reliable.
Product prices are more attractive than other manufacturers.
If you need wholesale eco-friendly yoga mats, then you can contact us. Our high-quality yoga mat will not let you down!
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