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Secrets of Wholesale Yoga Mats: Everything You Need to Know

yoga mat wholesale

Whether you are an entrepreneur who has just entered the yoga industry or a boss for many years, you have only one purpose: to increase turnover. Increased turnover means more people connect with your brand, more people evaluate your products, and more people interact with you.

Do you know how yoga mats will affect your business? Do you need someone to guide you on how to buy high-quality yoga mat products? Then you can read the following article, this article tells you how to wholesale yoga mats and how to choose an excellent yoga mat supplier

Know your yoga mat product

In order to increase sales, it is very important to determine the needs of customers and the characteristics of your yoga mat products. This means that understanding your product is very important. Therefore, you must understand and resolve related issues.

  • The role of yoga mats
  • Listener of my yoga mat
  • The uniqueness of my yoga mat
  • The selling point of my yoga mat/better than its peers
  • Yoga wind direction

Learn more about the yoga mat market

yoga mat

In a fast-growing market

According to research, the global yoga mat market reached US$14.29 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach US$23.2 billion in 2026, with an average annual compound growth rate of 7.1%. The prosperity of yoga will promote the development of the yoga mat market. Product demand continues to increase, and the development of the yoga business is profitable and broad.

Material requirements for yoga mats

From the perspective of yoga mat materials, PVC yoga mats accounted for more than one-third of the global market in 2018, and this market dominance will continue until 2026. PVC yoga mats are light in weight, good in moisture resistance, low in price and high in comfort. They are very popular among consumers. At the same time, the sales of cotton and linen yoga mats have grown the fastest, with an average annual compound growth rate of 7.9% from 2019 to 2026, because the market's demand for biodegradable and environmentally friendly yoga mats has increased significantly.

So how to choose a yoga mat?

Changes in yoga mat users

Family yoga mats occupy the main market share, with a market share of approximately 60% in 2018. The main driving factors include the increase in online yoga classes and more flexible and comfortable time to practice yoga at home. Affected by consumer health awareness, membership fee discounts and other factors, the sales of fitness club yoga mats have grown the fastest, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 7.6% from 2019 to 2026.


Choose a yoga mat manufacturer

Next you need to know how to find a yoga mat manufacturer to improve your business.

How to find the manufacturer

yoga mat

When choosing a manufacturer, we recommend that you choose a yoga mat manufacturer in China. As a major manufacturing country, China has a complete production chain. When you obtain products of the same quality, China can strive for the greatest profit margin for you. And the delivery time of Chinese yoga mat manufacturers is often very fast. Looking for Chinese yoga mat manufacturers can be found through B2B websites and Google search brand websites.

  • B2B platform

    Alibaba: China's largest foreign trade export website, where you can choose yoga mat suppliers and manufacturers in different regions.

    Made in China: specializes in the promotion of Chinese products and only accepts Chinese suppliers to release relevant product information. It is currently the only large-scale B2B platform whose sole mission is to promote Chinese products.

    Global Sources: Focus on foreign trade of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide professional services for foreign buyers.

    Learn more about choosing an excellent yoga mat manufacturer in China

  • Brand website

    Generally, the brand manufacturer websites that you can search through Google are quite professional. And they respond more quickly and professionally than B2B platforms.

    Here I recommend several brand manufacturer websites to you:


Customers are very pragmatic when choosing products. Under the same quality, they tend to choose cheaper products. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully understand the price of yoga mats purchased in batches in order to obtain greater profit margins while increasing sales.

Note: When consulting a wholesaler, you must ask carefully to get the correct information.

After sale

Choosing a yoga mat wholesale supplier with quality assurance is very important to your business. Perfect after-sales service allows your business to have no worries and establish an advantage for your brand. Yografit has an extremely professional after-sales service team to ensure you have a good shopping experience.

Minimum order quantity

Also known as MOQ, you must determine the minimum order quantity that you can afford. For accurate ordering information, please consult the supplier.

custom made

Yoga mats are often the stage to show personal characteristics. Many individuals and companies will choose custom yoga mats to show their own style, or print their own trademarks. Therefore, yoga mat manufacturers must have excellent customization capabilities!

Click here for the complete customization guide.


Upgrade your yoga mat business!

To find a high-quality yoga mat supplier, all you need to do is visit Yografit has more than 10 years of experience in the production of yoga and fitness products. Yografit has an excellent product development team that can perceive industry trends and provide consumers with hot-selling products. Yografit has attached great importance to original design since its establishment. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner.

Contact us and start upgrading your yoga mat business immediately!

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