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Yoga Mat Complete Customization Guide 2021
how to customize yoga mats
The market and demand for customized yoga mats are increasing. Many distributors and shopping malls hope to print their logo on the yoga mats they sell; many yoga studios hope to get more attention and favor through unique and beautiful yoga mats; yoga lovers who love design want to express him on the mats Art design, display and sales. At this time, you need to find an excellent custom yoga mat manufacturer for help.
How to customize a yoga mat? Next, I will take you to learn about custom yoga mats and how to customize yoga mats.

Advantages of custom yoga mat


Suitable yoga mats can be customized for people of different body types, so that they are no longer embarrassed because of insufficient yoga mats.

Show your personality

Many times when choosing a yoga mat, it is found that the desired yoga mat does not have the desired color or pattern, or the favorite pattern does not appear on the yoga mat of this material. This problem can be solved by a customized solution.
When a unique style of yoga mat appears in your yoga class, it will definitely leave a deep impression on the students.
custom yoga mats

What can yoga mats customize


There may be individual students in your yoga class who stretched out their yoga mats while doing some exercises and touched the ice-cold floor; some of your customers told you that they liked your yoga mats, but they weren't big enough. In order to avoid these situations, you can buy a part of the enlarged yoga mat separately to avoid these embarrassments.

Material and Texture

The material of the yoga mat is very important, different materials adapt to different yoga scenes and types of yoga. You can choose cheap pvc materials, cost-effective TPE yoga mats, or eco-friendly natural materials, and so on., Etc. , all the mainstream yoga mat materials on the market can be customized.
The material and texture of the yoga mat will directly affect the feeling of yoga practice, so it has a great impact on the price. Different materials are produced using different processes, resulting in huge differences in feel and price. These materials have different textures, weights, and properties. Some are excellent in anti-slip, but are not suitable for yoga types that are prone to sweating; some are excellent in slip resistance, but they are thick and rough. Since the texture affects the physical feel of the yoga mat, it is also an integral part of the overall comfort.
The texture can be artificial (such as raised patterns), or it can be determined according to the material-the jute yoga mat has organic roughness, while the texture of the PVC yoga mat is slightly rough, but it feels softer. Therefore, the prices of various textures are different.


The thickness of the yoga mat has different requirements for the level of yoga practitioners and the type of yoga, so choosing the right thickness of the yoga mat can get a better yoga experience. Thinner mats can help increase stability when doing heavy yoga. Look for a mat with a textured surface to maintain better grip when the posture becomes more intense. Thicker mats provide extra cushioning, which is more suitable for relatively slow yoga practice. Thicker cushions are also more suitable for forearms and kneeling positions, and can protect yogis with soft knees or joint pain. In contrast, standing position is more difficult to maintain balance. There are also ultra-thin yoga mats, usually called "travel yoga mats." They are only 1/16 inch thick, easy to fold and not heavy , so you can take them with you when you travel. It is wise to customize the appropriate thickness according to the needs.

Colors and Patterns

You can print your own logo, your favorite color or your favorite pattern on the yoga mat to show your personality. However, in some cases, the manufacturer's redesign may be required.

What to pay attention to when customizing yoga mats

Final product preview

Although there are some programs that can upload pictures and provide the visual effect of the final mat, due to the difference between pixelation and computer monitors, the effect may not be so good and cannot convey the original intention of the designer. The communication between the pre-made yoga mat manufacturer and the customer can evaluate the feasibility of any artwork copied for you, and then determine the final design plan.

Design specifications

The artwork file should be received in an Adobe compatible format. For the best print quality, .JPG, .PDF, .EPS or .TIF files are preferred. Due to the difference between the computer picture and the actual color, the color may be slightly different. If your image size is smaller, modifying it to a larger image may provide better results.

What colors can the work contain

Generally speaking, almost any color can be reproduced in your work. However, some colors are difficult to convert accurately, such as metallic colors. It should be noted that large areas of black or dark colors will show wear faster.

What can be included in the work

Any submitted design will be approved for content, and must not contain copyright or trademark registration materials of individuals or entities other than the submitted image, and designs that do not comply with laws and regulations.

How to customize a yoga mat

You can customize the yoga mat through the following picture.

How to customize yoga mats

How to find a custom yoga mat manufacturers

If anyone needs a custom yoga mat, I would recommend them Yografit. Yografit has been deeply involved in the yoga supplies industry for decades and has a strong and dedicated design team. We can provide you with personalized and customized services, including:

Color design, pattern design, texture design, logo design, packaging design, etc.

If you need customized services, you can check their customized services and contact us immediately for the most detailed consultation and help.
Yografit is located in Ningbo, China and has more than 10 years of experience in the production of yoga and fitness products. Yografit provides customers with one-stop yoga and fitness products procurement services, aiming to maximize the integration of resources and sell products from its own factories. The products are sold to the United States and key retailers such as Eurepean-Walmart, Costco, Woolworths and so on.
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