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How to Choose Yoga Mats for Bulk Purchase
For yoga lovers, yoga mats are essential. Dealers of yoga mats will encounter many considerations in the process of wholesale from yoga mat manufacturers. The price bears the brunt, followed by its various attributes. The various functions and attributes of the yoga mat will affect the price.
Sometimes, the large number of yoga mats on the market may prevent you from making the right choice. Although there are many options, most yoga mats are suitable for any yoga style. But yoga enthusiasts may have many needs, including but not limited to materials, production methods, weight, comfort, and so on. Choosing the right yoga mat can bring better benefits to dealers and a better experience for yoga lovers.


Usually yoga mat manufacturers design different yoga mats for various types of yoga. The level of yoga enthusiasts and yoga types are different, the best choice of yoga mat is also different. For beginners, the grip and thickness of the yoga mat are very important. Initial yoga learning tends to focus on slower postures and contact with the floor, so in general, beginners want a comfortable yoga mat. You can provide them with 5 to 8 mm thick cushions to help protect their joints.
With the deepening of the practice and the improvement of the level, a longer-lasting yoga mat may be needed. With the gradual improvement of the level of yoga, or when the amount of yoga exercise is greater, greater grip and slip resistance may be required. This is to provide a thinner yoga mat to enhance grip.
You can choose the quantity and type that suits you according to the level of the crowd you are facing, or you can consult us, and we will help you answer your questions.
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There are many choices of materials for making yoga mats. The material you choose will affect the price, weight, grip and durability of the yoga mat, and there will be significant price differences between each material. Generally speaking, the material and thickness of the yoga mat will affect its durability.
PVC is a plastic-based material that is very durable, easy to clean and provides excellent floor grip. However, PVC floor mats do not absorb water and will become slippery when sweating during practice. PVC does not contain latex, which is a benefit for people who are allergic to latex. But now many people value whether the material is environmentally friendly, not as biodegradable or environmentally friendly as other options. But the price is relatively cheap, the demand is large, and it is more suitable for bulk purchase.
TPE is an artificial mixture, usually made of plastic and rubber polymers. TPE may be more environmentally friendly than PVC, and some are completely recyclable. TPE yoga mat has good traction, but not as durable as PVC. The price is higher than that of PVC, and it is also the choice of many people.
There are many sources of natural mats, including natural rubber, organic cotton and jute. Compared to most other options, eco mats have a slightly worse grip on the floor, but their natural texture provides traction for your body. Although yoga mats made of natural materials are not as durable as PVC mats, they are in line with current environmental protection concepts and are favored by many yoga enthusiasts. However, the price of natural cushions is relatively high. The specific price is related to the material. You can contact us for a specific quotation for related materials.


The thickness and length of the yoga mat will also affect its price. The thickness and length of the yoga mat will affect the amount and manufacturing process of the yoga mat. Generally speaking, the larger the length, the more expensive the price, and the thickness is related to the difficulty and quantity of production.
Thinner mats can help increase stability when doing heavy yoga. Look for a mat with a textured surface to maintain better grip when the posture becomes more intense. Thicker mats provide extra cushioning, which is more suitable for relatively slow yoga practice. Thicker cushions are also more suitable for forearms and kneeling positions, and can protect yogis with soft knees or joint pain. In contrast, standing posture is more difficult to maintain balance. There are also ultra-thin yoga mats, usually called "travel yoga mats." They are only 1/16 inch thick, easy to fold and not heavy, so they can be carried when traveling and are not cost-effective.
Regarding the prices of yoga mats of different thicknesses and lengths, you can contact us for a specific quotation.


The material and texture of the yoga mat will directly affect the feeling of yoga practice, so it has a great impact on the price. Different materials are produced using different processes, which will produce different textures and textures, resulting in huge differences in feel and prices. Some smooth yoga mats have a "sticky" feel, which is important for creating traction and preventing slippage during practice. Like stickiness, texture affects the body feel during practice. It provides a friction barrier for sliding. Since the texture affects the physical feel of the yoga mat, it is also an integral part of the overall comfort.
The texture can be artificial (such as raised patterns), or it can be determined according to the material-the jute yoga mat has organic roughness, while the texture of the PVC yoga mat is slightly rough, but it feels softer. Therefore, the prices of various textures are different. If you are interested in further understanding, you can check our products or contact us directly, we will try our best to help you answer.
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Provide different designs and exquisite patterns to make your products more competitive. Diversified designs and exquisite patterns can make your products favored by more consumers, and the price will increase accordingly.
Many times people are not satisfied with the existing designs. They will have some of their own designs and can get customized services for an extra fee. Printing your own design on a yoga mat is a very cool thing.
Yografit provides different styles of design and customization services. If you need, you can contact us and we will provide you with a detailed solution.

Manufacturer&Order Quantity

The manufacturer's production technology and production level as well as your MOQ directly affect your cost-effectiveness. Manufacturers adopt advanced production technology and production technology, which is bound to bring greater cost-effectiveness to buyers or distributors. When manufacturers adopt more environmentally friendly production technologies, they may also increase prices accordingly, but this is in line with the concept of environmental protection. MOQ is also one of the considerations in many situations. The lower MOQ will also provide distributors and buyers with more choices.
As a leading manufacturer of yoga mats in China, Yografit has advanced production technology and production technology, which can almost meet all the production requirements of wholesalers and distributors, and has excellent MOQ, giving customers more choices. Welcome customers from all over the world to consult us, contact us for the latest quotation and purchase plan, and serve you wholeheartedly.


We have listed the key factors for choosing a yoga mat for distributors and wholesalers. As a leading manufacturer of yoga mats in China, Yografit provides a complete one-stop service to provide customers around the world with excellent yoga mat products and customized services, as well as very competitive prices, to provide customers with the most cost-effective products. You can visit our products and find useful information. Welcome to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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