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Hot Yoga Mat: What You Need to Pay Attention To
Yoga lovers who want to try hot yoga need to prepare a suitable yoga mat. Of course, you can use an ordinary yoga mat, but you may find that it is more comfortable to use a grip and non-slip yoga mat, because when your body becomes slippery due to sweating, you will be able to handle postures like a professional, No need to worry about falling or slipping.
Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, you may realize that participating in a hot yoga or hot yoga class can cause a lot of sweating. The high temperature and humidity levels of a hot yoga studio mean that you really cannot avoid being soaked in your own sweat. Therefore, it is very important to find a reliable mat specially made for this type of yoga. Whether it is opening a yoga studio or selling yoga mats, these are very important. Full explanation and excellent yoga experience will allow you to gain the trust and support of your customers.

Important considerations before buying a yoga mat

About dynamic yoga and hot yoga

Dynamic yoga has a faster rhythm. Examples of such exercises include Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Flow Yoga and Hot Yoga. The focus of these types of yoga is to improve stability and grip, because many standing and balance postures are practiced.

Water Absorption

In hot yoga, you sweat a lot, which leaves slippery sweat on the mat. So you have a few options. First of all, if you already have a yoga mat you like, you can buy additional yoga towels.
Or, if you know that you are committed to hot yoga, then I suggest you buy absorbent hybrid pads. These mats are like built-in yoga towels and are usually easy to clean. Either way, you must use a yoga mat that is absorbent and will not lose your grip. 

Yoga mat thickness

Hot yoga is an active exercise, you will often do large movements. For yoga lovers with sensitive joints, using a thicker yoga mat can reduce joint pressure and discomfort. But thick and soft cushions will retract too much and may affect your balance. Therefore, choosing dense and thick materials will provide a good cushion for your joints without losing your balance. You should choose a cushion with a thickness between 3-5 mm. A mat that is too thick will make balancing work more difficult.

Easy to Clean

When it comes to cleanliness, closed-cell pads are easier to clean. Closed cells simply mean that your mat is not porous, so it won't absorb sweat, dirt, and bacteria. This means you can almost spray it and wipe it clean after class.
On the other hand, the open-cell pad is porous. These pores can allow sweat and dirt to enter them, thus becoming a good place for bacteria to grow. But you can solve this problem by cleaning it with a decent mat cleaner after each class and performing a deep cleaning once a week. The normal cleaning process does not exceed 5 minutes, and the deep cleaning is soaked in vinegar.

Enough Stickiness

Slipping makes hot yoga lose all the fun. Most mats designed for hot yoga are designed to prevent slipping. A high-quality hot yoga mat will become stickier as you sweat and heat up. A good yoga towel can do the same. The sticky yoga mat prevents you from sliding around and helps you stay aligned when moving from one pose to another and holding the pose for a few seconds.

What material is most suitable for making hot yoga mats

PU material yoga mat

PU yoga mat
The best choice is a yoga mat with a PU top layer, because they provide the best grip and will ultimately provide you with the best experience. These mats are very non-slip and provide maximum grip even if you sweat a lot during hot yoga classes. One disadvantage is that moisture is harmful to these types of mats. They are porous, so water and sweat will stain them.

PVC material yoga mat

If you sweat a lot, our choice is to choose plastic PVC cushions. Although not environmentally friendly, unfortunately, they can provide you with the best hot yoga experience and are very easy to clean. PVC is not as grippy as rubber pads with a PU top layer, but they can still provide a good surface to practice, even if you sweat a little. They also have the main advantage of a "closed cell structure", which means that they do not absorb water. As a result, they are easier to clean effectively: you can wipe them when needed without causing the moisture to sink deeper, and doing so will not affect their long-term anti-slip properties

Cork Yoga Mat

A cork yoga mat is an option worth considering. Even when wet, they can provide surprisingly strong grip. Cork also has natural antibacterial and waterproof functions, but sweat will leave marks on the surface. 

Natural rubber yoga mat

Natural rubber yoga mats are environmentally friendly and provide sufficient non-slip quality. However, as time goes by, repeated contact between hands and feet will gradually wear out certain spots on the mat. This does not necessarily increase due to sweat, but is usually just a problem with rubber pads. Natural rubber yoga mats do not require a lot of cleaning, but over time, the top layer will wear out slowly.

Recommendations for choosing a hot yoga mat manufacturer

For many distributors, shops, and studios who want to buy yoga mats suitable for hot yoga in bulk, it is recommended to choose the most competitive manufacturer. Yografit is an excellent choice for those engaged in wholesale business. For 12 years, it has been the preferred supplier of yoga mats in Europe, America and other countries.
Yografit has more than 10 years of experience in the production of yoga and fitness products, has an excellent product development team, can perceive industry trends, and provide consumers with hot-selling products. Yografit has an experienced QC team that will QC each order in accordance with international AQL standards. We are confident to become your strong business partner and create more value for customers.
If you are interested, you can check our products and contact us immediately to get the latest information.
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