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Australian Most Popular Yoga Mat Manufacturers
Australian Most Popular Yoga Mat Manufacturers
Yoga is popular all over the world, and Australia is one of them. The environment is constantly changing, and the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Yoga lovers in Australia want to buy eco-friendly yoga mats,Australian yoga mat manufacturers also pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials to produce yoga products.
We have listed the five most popular Australian yoga mat manufacturers. They provide environmentally friendly yoga mats at different prices and styles. We hope to be helpful to yoga lovers and practitioners.

1. LovEarth
LovEarth is an Australian manufacturer of yoga mats. Their yoga mats do not use PVC materials but use more natural and biodegradable materials. Their yoga mats are of high quality and good grip.
The Australian manufacturer provides environmentally friendly recycling services. When replacing the yoga mat, you can recycle or replace it. You can visit their website to get in touch.


2. Create Flow
Create Flow is a yoga mat manufacturer from Australia. The yoga mats they produce have excellent texture, which can maintain hygiene and slip resistance when wet and repeated practice. At the same time, the manufacturer's yoga mats are made of non-toxic natural products that can be degraded naturally.
Create Flow is a local manufacturer in Australia and is looking for a local supplier in Australia. If you are interested, you can contact them in the following ways.

Retail website:
Wholesale website:

3. Second Earth
Second Earth is also a very popular yoga mat manufacturer in Australia and won the Australian Non-Toxic Award last year. They use environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials.
The yoga mats of this Australian manufacturer are earthy in design, close to nature, and of excellent quality. They also provide retailers with generous wholesale prices. If you are interested, you can contact them in the following ways.

Address: 2290, White Bridge, New Bridge, Australia

4. Luxya
Luxya is a yoga mat manufacturer from Australia and is promoting itself abroad. Like other manufacturers, this Australian manufacturer also uses environmentally friendly materials, but they designed yoga mats to make the colours of the patterns more beautiful and luxurious.
They are a local manufacturer in Australia and all products are shipped from Melbourne. If you are interested, you can contact them in the following ways.


5. Yografit
Yografit is an outstanding manufacturer of wholesale yoga mats in China. It can provide and produce various types of yoga products for Australia, including environmentally friendly yoga mats and other yoga products.
Yografit can provide a large number of high-quality yoga mats at competitive prices and provide personalized services. If you are interested in the yoga industry in Australia, you can contact you in the following ways

In Australia, eco-friendly yoga mats that combine the popularity of yoga with environmental protection are becoming more and more popular with customers, and yoga mat manufacturers are also developing more eco-friendly yoga mats. If you have more needs, you can contact us to meet your needs.
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