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5 Great Tips About Yoga Mats for Sale


Whether you are just starting out, or a boss who has been in the yoga industry for several years, every yoga mat owner wants one thing: increase sales, increase sales, increase sales. The increase in sales means that more people connect with your brand, more people evaluate your products, and more people interact with you. Certain strategies can help you increase your yoga mat sales easily and quickly.

In this blog, we will introduce 5 tips on how to market yoga products. If you want to improve your current business, then this article is useful to you.

Position your product

To effectively increase sales, you must correctly position your yoga mat product in the target market. This requires an in-depth understanding of your product.

Here are some questions you must understand:

  • What problem does the yoga mat solve?
  • What is unique about our yoga mat?
  • How is our yoga mat better than other peers?
  • What type of yoga mat is now mainstream?


Identify your audience

From the information collected in the previous product positioning, you can determine which group of people the yoga mat product is prepared for.

To increase sales growth, you must understand your target audience, how your product meets their needs, and how to best target them. This requires a more detailed planning strategy.

For example, a start-up yoga mat store may target customers who need to buy yoga mats specifically for beginners at affordable prices. They may be students, people with lower incomes, and they need some cheap yoga mats for practice. They don't care about the quality of the yoga mat, but also about whether the price is cheap. Their demand is to buy a cheap yoga mat.

The characteristics of the target population include:

  • Age, gender, occupation, marital status, income
  • What demand points does your product solve for him?
  • Do consumers need other yoga products?


Conduct a competitor analysis

This is very important, you have to determine whether there are competitors around you. Research your competitors compare their products, their marketing targets, their marketing methods, and their degree of success. Analyze which are our advantages and which are the advantages of competitors. Through surveys, you can understand what their customers are complaining about, and then solve these problems when customizing your own products.

Like traditional marketing, product marketing is also a competition between brands to see who can best reach, attract, convert and retain customers. Therefore, it is useful to understand what your competitors are doing so that you can do better.


Make your prices and products more competitive

One of the most influential product marketing strategies is pricing. Product prices give your product a status (affordable or high-quality), an audience (based on disposable income) and competitors.

Use your product, audience, and competitor research to determine the perfect price point for your product, and also consider product costs and profit margins.

Note: If you need to lower prices to suppress your competitors, then you need a yoga mat supplier that can provide low-cost and high-quality yoga mats to continue to provide you with products. Only in this way can we use prices to hit competitors without harming our own profits.

Offer discounts and gifts to customers

This is one of the easiest but most effective ways to improve business growth; it just allows customers to get quotes that they cannot refuse. For example, when someone buys one of your products, you can provide them with a yoga mat at a discount. Create an atmosphere of a hurry to buy. Activities can also be held, and relevant rewards can be obtained after spending a certain amount. This can promote customer consumption habits.


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